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Verantwoord gebruik van Data binnen BSD

BSD appoints Marcel Thaens and Ben Kokkeler as chairmen of the Data Advisory Team and Ethics Team.

In Brainport Smart District (BSD) we want to handle data in a responsible manner. And future residents must retain maximum control over their data. In short, these
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Brainport Smart District in The New York Times!

Did you see it? The New York Times in conversation with future resident Hans Moerkerk, Ben van Berkel (UNStudio) and Cathalijne Dortmans about Brainport Smart District. About
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Future thinkers wanted for Brainport Smart District User Council!

How will our life look like in 20 years? And in 50 years? How is our living and working environment changing? Do we grow our own vegetables?
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Brainport Smart District (BSD) is a smart city district in the city of Helmond, the Netherlands. It’s located in the high-tech innovative region ‘Brainport’. The latest insights and techniques about participation, health, data, mobility, energy and circularity are used here to create a sustainable and beautiful environment. BSD will be a smart living and working area in which residents play a central role in the development of their own living environment. The development of BSD is a co-creation process between residents, professionals and other stakeholders.

This new part of Brandevoort will function as a ‘living lab’ for the development and testing of new products, services and systems. BSD strives for a new smart district that does not burden, pollute or exhaust our planet further. A district that adds technological significance to the lives of the people who will live there or use the district.

The district is not the sum of ‘individual’ smart city components, but the environment has been designed from the start in conjunction with new insights and technology in the areas of transport, health, energy generation and storage. The realization and development of BSD takes place via eight different program lines, namely; Circular district, Participation, Social and safe district, Healthy district, Digital district, Mobile district, District with Energy and District with water. Read more about these different program lines here. 

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