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Doing business


Brainport Smart District harbours 12 hectares of office space on top of its residential space. Business activities are integrated in the district.

If you have an innovative idea or project in one of the areas circular district, mobility, participation, social and safe district, energy, health or data that contributes to the development of Brainport Smart District, accept our challenge and join in!



The inpiration booklet Brainport Smart District (only available in Dutch) lists proposals for potential projects in Brainport Smart District.

Current and next Innovation Challenge
So far, we have had five Innovation Challenges (previously referred to as Business Challenges). 

For more information, check the Innovation Challenge regulations and assessment criteria. The submitted proposals will be assessed by the selection committee

At the moment, the 5th wave of the Innovation Challenge is closed. The submitted proposals are all assessed. 


Business Network
Organizations that have submitted a proposal for the Innovation Challenge automatically become a member of our Business Network. This is a market of innovative organizations that can find new connections here. The goal is to develop new ideas and projects, in consortia of innovative organizations.


Brainport Smart District is definitely looking for businesses and organisations who contribute to the development of the smart district in Brandevoort.  Below some of the projects which might be realised.

There were no results found

The programme lines form the heart of
Brainport Smart District

The programme lines are the DNA of   Brainport Smart District. The eight programme lines are

  • circular district
  • participation
  • social and safe district
  • healthy district
  • digital district
  • mobile district
  • district with energy
  • district with water
    Below you will find a description of all programme lines and an overview of the projects in each programme line.


Vision on living

The urban vision developed by UNStudio features a number of strips running from north to south that divide the area into several zones, each with a different building density. There will also be a mix of residential and work, with decentralised business space with offices and shared work spaces aimed at innovative collaborations.

Read the urban vision.

Have a look at our 3D visualisation.


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