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College approves agreement with mHome

We have written about mHome before, but it is now final: the developer from Nijmegen will develop the first 52 temporary homes in BSD. On Tuesday 20 July, the Municipal Executive of Helmond formally confirmed this.

Social & sustainable
The homes of mHome are made of mainly circular and post-growth ecological (bio-based) building materials. In addition, the mHomes are easily reusable and repositionable. This means that these homes fit in well with BSD’s ambitions in the field of circularity. In addition, mHome wants to excel in the Participation program line. mHome does not just want to offer a home, but also wants to build the living environment together with the future residents. For example, mHome wants to work on a community and, for example, give substance to the communal (outdoor) spaces together with residents. This participation process will be further shaped after the summer of 2021. The recruitment of residents will then start in the fall.

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