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The future
Living in
The district of the future

Within the Brandevoort area of Helmond, a special district is emerging: The district of the future. A place where innovations in transportation, health, data, energy and circular building are developed and applied.


How about living in a circular house, for example? Sharing an electric car with your neighbors or gardening together in a community garden? These are all developments in which the residents are central. They are the future makers who together determine how their neighborhood comes to life.
Having difficulty picturing this? No wonder. In the coming period, things will become increasingly visible. The future is unfolding before your eyes, so to speak.

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They are already making the future

Wondering who is already living and/or active in The district of the future? Here you will find the projects that have already been realized.

Voorstee Groeiplaats: from community garden to urban farm

Modular and sustainable homes in Telkesveld

CASA students build experimental house


from the future

Curious about what a day in the life of a future maker will look like? Read the stories from the future here.

"I get to think about the developments, which allows me to live in a place that suits my needs"

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"A social and safe atmosphere? That's quite normal here"

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"In The district of the future, you breathe healthy air"

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"Technology makes a lot possible, but this neighborhood is mainly about the human scale"

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"It is not only good for the environment, but also for the safety of the children."

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"On a sunny day, there is energy in abundance in The district of the future"

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"Water is an important element in our neighborhood"

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Have you become enthusiastic about the district of the future?

Would you like to live here in the future?

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