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Brainport Smart District will be a smart residential and working district in which the urban environment is designed in conjunction with new transport, health, energy generation and storage and circular building technologies. Also, the residents play an important role in designing their own living environment. This new part of Brandevoort is being constructed north of the Helmond-Eindhoven railway line. The district is also a proving ground (living lab) for the development and testing of new products, services and systems. We are striving for new smart district that will not harm, pollute or exhaust our planet. A district that uses technology to add meaning to the life of the people who use or live in the district. Do you want to keep informed of new residential projects in this part of Brandevoort?

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Urban vision

Vision on living

The urban vision developed by UNStudio features a number of strips running from north to south that divide the area into several zones, each with a different building density. Shared facilities can be created in the district, such as kitchens, gardens, reading rooms and gyms. There will also be a mix of residential and work, with decentralised business space with offices and shared work spaces aimed at innovative collaborations. In the heart of the district will be a park of some 12 hectares with gardens, natural landscape and sports grounds. The park will be collectively owned by the users: everybody can become a member. At the fringes of the districts there will be 80 hectares for growing food (high-tech agriculture), water storage, nature and energy generation. Read the urban vision here (pdf).See our 3D visualisation here.

Click here voor the urban vision booklet.

Look at the  3D-visualisation.


Voorstee Groeiplaats: from community garden to urban farm

Modular and sustainable homes in Telkesveld

Wij zijn IN (We are IN)

Circular mixed sustainable district

The greenhouse homes of CC-Studio

Brandevoort LAB

The programme lines form the DNA of Brainport Smart District

The programme lines form the DNA of Brainport Smart District. These programme lines are:

  • circular district
  • participation
  • social and safe district
  • healthy district
  • digital district
  • mobile district
  • district with energy
  • district with water
    Below you will find some information about all programme lines.  An overview of the projects is found at each programme line.
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