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De doorloop van een project in BSD

Phase 1: Business Challenge
The selection committee assesses whether your proposal is based on the assessment criteria. Among other things, it examines the extent to which the proposal contributes to the seven thematic program lines of BSD. If the assessment is positive, you will be invited to pitch your proposal to the selection committee. Based on the pitches, the selection committee advises the Brainport Smart District board. The board forms a formal decision on the proposal. The proposals approved by the board formally become a project in the Brainport Smart District. We record this through a letter of intent (IOK) between the initiator and Stichting BSD.

Phase 2: Feasibility study
In the intended period of six months, the project will elaborate a feasibility study for BSD, which will among other things look at the technical, social and financial feasibility. The Q team tests the feasibility studies on the basis of the Q-book. It sets out the ambitions of BSD at program level and on the seven program lines. In the event of a positive recommendation from the Q team, the feasibility study is formally assessed by the BSD board. When the feasibility study has been positively assessed, the initiator and the BSD draw up a cooperation agreement (SOK) for the next phase.

Phase 3: Planning
Under the SOK, the concrete plan for BSD is worked out, including strategy and what will happen in concrete terms. This also elaborates, for example, which parties are needed for realization and who will do what in it. The Q team also assesses the plan on the basis of the Q-book and issues its advice to the board, which takes a formal decision about the realization of the project. In the event of a positive outcome, the initiator and BSD will draw up a realization agreement (ROK).

Phase 4: Realization
The project is realized in this phase. Whether it concerns the construction of houses, the installation of infrastructural facilities, or the provision of products or services in BSD – it is also important to monitor and evaluate this. Is the project progressing as expected? Are the results positive? What are the experiences of residents? The project and BSD maintain close contact about the realization and progress of the project.

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Brainport Smart District is definitely looking for businesses and organisations who contribute to the development of the smart district in Brandevoort.  Below some of the projects which might be realised.

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The programme lines form the heart of
Brainport Smart District

The programme lines are the DNA of   Brainport Smart District. The seven programme lines are

  • circular district
  • participation
  • social and safe district
  • healthy district
  • digital district
  • mobile district
  • district with energy
    Below you will find a description of all programme lines and an overview of the projects in each programme line.


Vision on living

The urban vision developed by UNStudio features a number of strips running from north to south that divide the area into several zones, each with a different building density. There will also be a mix of residential and work, with decentralised business space with offices and shared work spaces aimed at innovative collaborations.

Read the urban vision.

Have a look at our 3D visualisation.

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