The way in which urban mobility is provided, greatly affects the quality of life of people who live in a city or city district.

We are nearing the limits of our infrastructure and the necessary environmental resources. New technologies like self-driving vehicles and new organisational structures like carpooling offer possibilities. Together with the residents new mobility concepts are being explored and alternatives developed for personal motorised transport and delivery of goods. A number of mobility projects is described below.

Healthy drink. Happy positive nice women drinking juice and talking to each other while waiting for the car to be charged
Drones carry express packages in warehouses.Packages are transported in high-tech Settings,online shopping,Concept of automatic logistics management.3d rendering warehouse.

Sharing mobility with ECARCELL

the smartest way sharing green mobility ECARCELL is a total concept for sharing electric transport....

Net energy generating homes

Net energy generating homes Net energy generating living aims for a self-sufficient residential district. That...