Designing a user-focused energy system, including a ‘smarter grid’ approach, is very important for an adaptive energy system in time and technology.

The plentiful energy is used in BSD to provide accessible, renewable and reliable energy. The challenge is to decide what energy system we are going to use in our new buildings and especially in BSD. Options are bio/syngas, hydrogen, district heating system, all-electric or hybrid solutions. And within these, there are again different options, such as solar-pv, wind, power-to-heat, geothermal, etcetera.

Below is a number of projects with special focus on energy.

Foto: David Rozing 8 juli 2017  Nederland, Heerhugowaard. Wijk stad van de Zon, een grote energieneutrale woonwijk. Moeder met kind op fiets fietst langs grote zonpanelen in de openbare ruimte voor opwekkenen schone stroom. Duurzame straatverlichting. Lantaarnpaal. Foto: David Rozing
Kinder in Dachfenster mit Solarplatten

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