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Appendix 1: Assessment criteria step 1

Name of company:


0Is there a concrete project proposalYes / no
1Consistency with BSD Design Principles 
1.BSD and its residents promote quality of life (including happiness, cohesion and health); 
2.Everyone feels safe, secure and welcome in BSD society; 
3.Activities meet global challenges; 
4.Residents share facilities and services and use them freely; 
5.BSD does not emit greenhouse gases or produce waste; 
6.Only renewable energy sources are used that produce excess energy. No natural gas is used in BSD; 
7.New sources and materials are only used if there is no alternative; 
8.Mobility is accessible for all; 
9.Residents are empowered when it comes to healthcare and illness prevention; 
10.All data generated and associated income is shared among and managed by BSD residents; 
11.Developments are implemented as a co-creation process (including residents, researchers, business and government) and can be adapted to future changes. 
12.Developments not only apply to BSD, but also to other districts in Helmond, cities in the Netherlands, and globally. 
 Insufficiently consistent with the design principles 
 Sufficiently consistent with the design principles 

Highly consistent with the design principles


 2.  Consistency with BSD programme lines 
1.Attractive Circular District 
3.Social and Safe District 
4.Healthy District 
5.Digital District 
6.Mobile District 
7.District with Energy 
8.District with Water 
 Insufficiently consistent with one or more programme lines 
 Sufficiently consistent with one or more programme lines 
 Highly consistent with one or more programme lines 


3.Outcome of assessment
Is the proposal consistent with the principles and parameters as stated in the inspiration bookYES / NO


4.Outcome of assessment
Does the proposal offer a significant new innovative and/or disruptive perspective compared to the parameters already defined?YES / NO


Appendix 2: Assessment criteria step 2

 Weighting Score
1.Innovative valueThe degree to which the proposal focuses on a new product, service, process or concept.15% 
2.Contribution to Brainport Smart DistrictThe degree to which the proposal fits the BSD Design Principles and BSD programme lines, as well as the BSD planning.25% 
3.Outline of the approachDoes the proposal comply with the outlines of project -based working with MROTICQ parameters (Money, Risk, Organisation, Time, Information, Communication and Quality)?10% 
4.Market testIs there a vision on the market perspective and is there any prospect of a revenue model and is the product/service scalable?10% 
5.(Technical) feasibilityIs there any outlook on the technical feasibility?5% 
7.Project fundingProspect of a plan for funding and requirements?10% 
8.Project organisationAre the necessary knowledge, skill and experience available?15%. 
9.Project planningPlanning of preparation; projected start?10% 
 Total score Weighted score xx points


  1. = Unsatisfactory
  2. = Satisfactory
  3. = Good

MOTIQ = Money, Organisation, Time, Information and Quality

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