Sharing mobility with ECARCELL

Sharing mobility with ECARCELL

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ECARCELL is a total concept for sharing electric transport. The purpose of Ecarcell is to offer green mobility at minimal cost. You can become a member of a small group, or ‘cell’,  which jointly leases suitable electric transport which is then shared based on use and costs.

Every cell chooses its own means of transport, and thus – due to the multi-modal and modular approach – the cell can match the transport to its requirements. The members of the cell can also decide to make its vehicles available to third parties at certain times, which drives down costs even further. And by linking the cells to one another in a smart way mobility networks can be created that supplement regional public transport or may even replace it. Together with residents, local companies and authorities Ecarcell will flesh out this ambitious project of Brainport Smart District. We are striving to realise 100 cells in Brandevoort and surrounding areas within 4 years.

The feasibility of the proposal is currently being investigated. If the outcome is positive, the proposal may well become a reality.




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