Report Next level neighbourhood

A group of international professionals in Eindhoven and Helmond came together to talk about living in Brainport Smart District. We spoke to residents that live in the Netherlands between 3 months and 22 years. And residents that were originally born in three different continents. And also some Dutch people who worked or lived all over the world and told experiences of living elsewhere and coming back.


To make a success, we need to define the purpose of this neighbourhood. It will be both global and local or individual, it will be about energy and sustainability, and it will probably have something to do with transition or transformation. Then we can set an example.
Social, cultural, healthy goals have to be set, like own food production. And maybe we should, unlike Dutch people normally do, break some rules 😉

Designing with cultural and physical focus

In this age of individuality we will need each other more, on the scale of a street or a district. Both people with high-tech careers and students and partners can benefit from a social cultural structure in the neighbourhood.
The residents think it is strange that we don’t build an environment where you can see kids. Where are they? Where are the playgrounds? Maybe we don’t see them, but it seems they are very often inside in a regulated structure. Why don’t we make the structure of the district that we have playgrounds in the middle?
Building a house must be building homes. Not all houses the same, but recognizable by the front. Less practical, more artistic and more relationship with outside.
The residents thought the examples of for example Wiki house, Regen Village and were very inspiring. Inspiration for this can be found in Taiwan, where cube buildings are more common, where residents build their homes inside a cube structure.


The system of buying a house, or renting a house is not really clear when you first arrive. It is not only unclear, it is also unusual: only after some time you find out that buying is more interesting for most of the internationals. This is different than many other countries where the residents lived.
But not only this system is strange for us. Also the system for self-sufficient energy and for mobility are outdated. And for houses there are always waiting lists, and not so much to choose.
Positive expectations are about working (design, maintenance) with data. It is about services for a better living and more comfort.