When will we start building?

We want to build the first houses in 2020. But it will be a challenge! In 2019 we will start with some experiments. 


Can anyone participate? 

Yes, everyone can participate. But we are looking for people who really think they are going to live in the new ‘Next level Neighbourhood’. Anyone who wants to hire or buy a house, contemporary, all will be possible.


Do I have to pay to participate? 

No, participating is for free. 


Can I online share my ideas and start a discussion? 

Yes, on facebook en linkedin  you can share your ideas and react on ideas of others. 


How do I know that, when participating in the development, I have a chance to build in the new neighbourhood?

We are making a system so that active inhabitants are the first to subscribe for the houses. 


Will future inhabitants be involved from the beginning?

We think it is important to cooperate with future inhabitants. Therefore we have already organised ánd will continue to organise meetings with future inhabitants. 


I have a great idea, how can I bring it in the neighbourhood? 

It depends on the idea, that may be permanent or temporary. Big or small. Send an e-mail with a description so we can contact you.


What is the future name of the neighbourhood? 

The name of the district is Brandevoort. The concept is Brainport Smart District. In the new part of Brandevoort the names of the plots are De Marke en Cranenbroek.


Are there already plots emitted?

No, there are no plots emitted yet. 


I own a company or I want to start a company in the Brainport Smart District. Is that possible? 

Yes it is. At the moment we focus on houses, but it will definitely come, because at the plot there is space reserved for companies.