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A day in the future life of Jeroen in 2025

Jeroen (40) lives with his wife Moniek (38) and two daughters Laura (15) and Kim (12) in The district of the future in Brandevoort.  They have just moved in, but already feel completely at home.

Jeroen: “It’s Friday morning and I’m getting ready to go to work. I have a home-based webshop selling sustainable home accessories. With a warehouse in the garage to be precise. While I open my shop, Moniek makes sure the children have had breakfast and are ready to go to school. After a good breakfast, the girls leave for school on their bikes. Their secondary school is in the neighborhood. I really like that. On the way, they do not encounter a single car. After all, no cars and other CO2 emitting vehicles are to be found here. Not only good for the environment, but also for the children’s safety.”

Moniek: “I work in Eindhoven. I can go there by electric bike. It’s a total of 12 kilometers, but I cover that in no time thanks to the express cycle path. However, as it’s raining today, I opt for the train. That’s no problem, because Brandevoort station is only 500 meters from here.”

Mobility hub

Jeroen: ”Around noon, Peter drops by, a friend. He needs new parts for his car. Peter does not live nearby and leaves his car at the edge of the neighborhood. His car is parked at a mobility hub. He grabs a shared bike for the last few hundred meters. I chat a bit with Peter and, after some deliberation, he decided to buy. He is happy, I am happy. With his purchase in his pocket, he leaves for the hub again on the shared bike.

When the children come home at 3 pm, I have to go shopping. I don’t really want to leave them at home by themselves, so I shop online and have the products delivered to a hub. Easy because it is open day and night via the parcel locker. When Moniek gets back to the station at 5.15 pm, she can conveniently collect the groceries. Then everything will be in in time for dinner.”

Amenities nearby

Moniek: “After supper, the children go to their sports clubs. Together with Kim, I cycle to the soccer club in Brandevoort, less than 2 kilometers away. Laura cycles to the hockey club on her own. She has to cycle 5 kilometers. This has the added advantage that she has already done the warm-up when she arrives at the club.

When both children are back at 8.30 pm, we go to Harry and Tineke, Jeroen’s parents, who live in a small town. For that, we use a shared car. We only need it sporadically, as so do our neighbors. As a result, we live in a super green, safe and quiet neighborhood. Our children can play outside to their hearts’ content.

"I get to think about the developments, which allows me to live in a place that suits my needs"

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"A social and safe atmosphere? That's quite normal here"

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"In The district of the future, you breathe healthy air"

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"Technology makes a lot possible, but this neighborhood is mainly about the human scale"

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"It is not only good for the environment, but also for the safety of the children."

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"On a sunny day, there is energy in abundance in The district of the future"

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"Water is an important element in our neighborhood"

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