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Smart Living with Solarix

Smart Living with Solarix

Tomorrow’s built-up environments, like in Brainport Smart District, present many challenges: everything must be greener, healthier and smarter. While technology offers many possibilities, it is not the only answer for the future.

There must be a mix of beauty, data and clever use of space, linking city, building and humans. This is what Solarix does. We transform solar energy into design, give buildings an identity and create value for the environment.

Solarix believes in a future in which all outer walls generate energy. That is why Solarix develops beautiful, sustainable, innovative and multifunctional walls.

Solarix is a wall system that minimises depletion of natural resources (sustainable materials and lighting, recyclable) and maximises potential (sustainable energy, data). In fact it is more than just a wall system: it is about designing technology and the energy transition in a way that is attractive for people – it’s an example of a dynamic urban development.

The feasibility of the proposal is currently being investigated. If the outcome is positive, the proposal may well become a reality.


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