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Smart Cities Innovation Space

Smart Cities Innovation Space

The Smart Cities Innovation Space is an innovation hub where, in addition to technical skills and substantive knowledge, 21st century kills are also central, such as system thinking, interdisciplinary cooperation and an entrepreneurial attitude. Within the Smart Cities Innovation Space, students, researchers, governments and companies work together on solutions for major societal challenges, specifically in the field of Smart Cities.

The Smart Cities Innovation Space is a community that develops and enables interdisciplinary hands-on, challenge-based learning, engineering design and entrepreneurship. We offer a place where students learn to cope with complex social and industrial challenges, develop innovative projects with researchers, companies and other stakeholders. Moreover, it offers space and support for teachers who develop and offer hands-on courses and want to contribute to innovation in education.


Eindhoven University of Technology


OPZuid | Europese Unie | Province of North-Brabant | Techno Broker | Omines | Team CASA | VIRTue


circular district | participation | social and safe district | healthy district | digital district | mobile district | district with energy


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