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Omines wants to build a data platform

Smart city data platform

New possibilities by linking data

Just imagine: your alarm clock goes earlier because it is going to be a busy day, the traffic light turns green just as you get to it, street lights are off when there is no one outside, but light up when you are jogging past. Wouldn’t it be great if your windows shut automatically when a cloud of particulate matter floats by, and open when the air is fresh and clean?

The data platform makes it possible to share and combine data from all available sensors in real time. Data combinations allow us to develop new applications and make the district smarter. It would allow for data-driven police deployment, for making homes smarter based on data on energy consumption or air quality, and last-mile improvements.The data is shared and disclosed based on conditions set by the owner, which guarantees the privacy of the data owner and compliance with regulations. By remaining innovative and combining the latest and best tools, long drawn-out integration processes can be relegated to the past and security and privacy by design can be ensured. This will create an accessible data platform that is open to all. Director Niels Keurentjes explains the project in this video clip.

The feasibility of the proposal is currently being investigated. If the outcome is positive, the proposal may well become a reality.




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