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Brandevoort LAB

Wanted: innovative residents for our Brandevoort LAB!

In the Brandevoort LAB of Brainport Smart District residents of the present Brandevoort district are invited and challenged join us in developing new products and services that may be realised in the new smart district Brandevoort.

The Brandevoort LAB is a ‘living lab’ for the future of residential living. Together with residents of present-day Brandevoort, the foundation Brainport Smart District and its partners (knowledge institutions and businesses) will test concepts and products, refine ideas, and explore the future, both online and offline.

With our co-creative and participatory way of working, we will ensure together that innovations for the new district will later be well matched to the wishes, needs and daily life of the residents.

How you can join in the Brandevoort LAB will vary from one project to the another, depending on what you want and what organisations want to know or test. It may for example be a survey, a product test or a meeting with residents to discover their wishes and ideas.

In the Brandevoort LAB we focus on a healthy, socially inclusive and safe district, with smart mobility, where data belongs to the residents, an energy-positive district that uses water smartly, a circular district or a mix of these.

Brandevoort LAB will kick off in the summer of 2019. Are you interested in getting to work together with us and our partners? Do you have ideas about smart living and working? Would you like to develop, test and evaluate new concepts, techniques and materials? And do you want to know what new developments there are already in terms of energy, mobility, data, safety, health and/or circular construction? Then register here.


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