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Future thinkers wanted for Brainport Smart District User Council!

How will our life look like in 20 years? And in 50 years? How is our living and working environment changing? Do we grow our own vegetables? Do we still drive to work by car? For the BSD User Council (title in development) we are looking for future thinkers who want to think about this.

Brainport Smart District wants to become the smartest city in the world. Living in the future, but already now. We want to make BSD an attractive neighborhood to live, work and stay. The BSD User Council will deal with this bridge between innovation and reality.

The user council can be asked by a company or institution to respond to an innovation project for BSD: if this idea will soon be part of the neighborhood, how would residents and visitors experience it? What should we take into account? What opportunities and obstacles do you see? In addition, the user council can also provide advice on its own initiative.

What does an innovative water-saving system actually mean for your daily shower? If the neighborhood becomes car-free, children can safely play outside, but will the neighborhood still be attractive to people with walking difficulties? Suppose we organize care locally and among ourselves, how does that change the bond between neighbors? How does a shared guest bedroom in the ward affect visiting family members?

How does it work?
We are looking for people who, with their own interest, want to think along about all questions related to BSD developments. In what form interested parties (you?) Can think along and how we will organize this? We would also be happy to discuss that with you. For example, we want to think together about the manner of consultation, cooperation, frequency, output and composition of the board. Once we have that clear, we will start substantively.

Are you joining us?
Are you interested in the latest innovations and would you like to talk about them? Or are you always sharp in your own environment on what could be done better or differently? Are you a critical thinker or can you speak from the experience of a specific target group? Then we are looking for you!

Send an email to Tove Elfferich, project leader User Council.


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