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Ambitions Circular Water System Brainport Smart District announced

Experts from the water chain partners active in Brainport Smart District have added up a report on what a circular water system in the district can look like. The report is intended to inspire residents and other initiators, to show the goals and to show that these goals are achievable. In the WaterLab, which BSD is launching with this, solutions are designed and tested to achieve these objectives. The water chain partners provide a first step in this direction with a menu of possible measures and techniques.

Download the report and attachments here (only available in Dutch):

Eindrapport Water Lab Brainport Smart District

Eindrapport Water Lab Brainport Smart District  Рbijlagen

Climate-adaptive water system
Water is an important element for energy, food and climate, among other things. A circular and climate-adaptive water system is designed in Brainport Smart District that is resistant to drought and extreme rainfall. The system thus counteracts heat stress

Inclusive and resilient water system with the residents central
It is the shared ambition of the water chain partners to create an inclusive and resilient water system, tailored to climate change. The objectives have been designed integrally with solutions for other BSD program lines, such as circularity, health, food, data and energy. The future residents of Brainport Smart District are central, which means that the system offers added value for society. Water promotes a healthy environment and the health of residents, and it offers smart innovative services that are both functional and affordable.

A next step of this report is the further elaboration of a menu for the circular water system. It contains solutions at parcel, neighborhood and neighborhood level.

Do you have any questions, comments or ideas regarding the circular water system in BSD? Register at Brandevoort LAB!

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