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Brainport Smart District is part of Brandevoort and these two parts will remain closely connected. Physically by a connection across the railway station. During its development a number of projects will already be executed in the existing part of Brandevoort, such as the Ecarcell project.

Urban vision

The urban vision developed by UNStudio features a number of strips running from north to south that divide the area into several zones, each with a different building density. There will also be a mix of residential and work, with decentralised business space with offices and shared work spaces aimed at innovative collaborations. Read the urban vision here and look at the  3D-visualisation.


Seven Programme lines
are the basis of Brandevoort

The programme lines are the DNA of  Brainport Smart District:

  • circular district
  • participation
  • social and safe district
  • healthy district
  • digital district
  • mobile district
  • district with energy
    Below you will find an explanation of the programme lines and a overview of project s in the programme lines.

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