Smart District is a living and work environment where the future will live. It comprimes a housing estate of some 1,500 homes and an industrial park where technology, knowledge and innovation are used in tandem to create a more sustainable and better living environment. A future that start now, and which is smart, better, more sustainable, more social and more beautiful. Here in the Helmond district Brandevoort, the DNA of Brainport will be visible. Ideas and new technologies will come together in the living lab of Brainport Smart District.

We challenge companies, organisations, local and regional authorities, educational institutions and research institutes to share innovative products and/or services that match the principles and philosophy of Brainport Smart District with us. If you believe you could contribute to the development of Brainport Smart District on one of the themes: circular district, mobility, participation, social and safe district, energy, health or data, take this opportunity and join us.

The inspiration booklet Brainport Smart District lists proposals for potential projects in Brainport Smart District.

On the registration form you can indicate on what themes your organisation might have added value for Brainport Smart District and in what way your company or organisation can help Brainport Smart District develop. And conversely, how we can help your organisation to develop innovative technologies that may find a place in our new district.

Subscribe before August 1, 2019  
The subscription for this challenge will close on August 1, 2019; After that we will select projects which will be invited for a pitch to the selection committee.  These organisations will definitely be invited to join Brainport Smart District’s Business Network. Together, we can fully exploit the boundless opportunities of the Brainport Smart District ‘living lab’ to the full.

Listen to our story and discover why you should take up this business challenge.

For more information about Brainport Smart District: click here.