Development of Brainport Smart District

From the start we will be developing Brainport Smart District (BSD) together with existing, but especially also future residents. It will be a neighbourhood where everybody can and wants to live. New smart insights and technologies will be integrated into a sustainable, social and attractive residential environment. Brainport Smart District is a living lab for and an example of the development of new systems, processes and services that will also be applied in the redevelopment of existing districts. One unique feature is that the district is not the sum of a number of ‘separate’ smart city elements, but that the urban and architectural environment is designed from the start in conjunction with new insights and technology in the areas of transport, health, energy generation and storage, communication and construction. Residents will be at the basis of a new form of inclusive society in which they themselves play a key role. The district is never ‘finished’, but will constantly be adapted to changing circumstances, wishes and technologies.


Different themes have been charted that will play a major role in the development and preparation of BSD in the Brandevoort district. These themes are described on a separate page. Of course, many subjects are strongly interconnected. Currently, six project managers are developing plans and business cases for these themes. The plans should be ready in December 2017 and will be the starting point for the actual development of Brainport Smart District.

Participation & Safety

Participation means that future residents can pitch in with ideas and take part in decision-making on the new district. It is important that we develop a process jointly with future residents in which we can bring together the ideas, wishes, the latest innovative possibilities and the expectations for their future life in the smart district, so that we can use them as a starting point for methods, models and decision-making. This will form the basis for the actual development and construction of Brainport Smart District.

Participation also means that we want to recognise the wishes of future residents on social issues: what are their views on social cohesion in the new district and on their own role in it? How can we achieve social cohesion and collaboration? How can a smart district with all its innovative possibilities help to improve the quality of life?


Health is one of the key pillars of people’s well-being. As the pressure on the current healthcare system increases, we have to transition from care to prevention. Living, working, education, nutrition, exercise and the layout of the public space all impact our health and can provide good anchor points to promote and improve health. What innovations in healthcare can we use in a smart district and in the home in order to stay healthy and become healthier? How can we make health part of smart living, how can we make it an integral part of life in a smart district?

Data & Infrastructure

Due to increasing digitisation more and more data is becoming available. How are we going to collect this data in Brainport Smart District? How can data collection and interpretation support the ‘smart living’ sensation in the district? And what do we need to build this future data infrastructure? Are residents prepared to share their data? What about privacy? In the new smart district this infrastructure must be developed in such a way that new methods, new innovative technology and new technological products can be integrated into the data infrastructure and other infrastructure.


Attractive built environment

What will the new district look like? We can’t answer this question. We haven’t reached that point yet. What we do know, however, is that the new district will yield new innovative concepts for young families, for expats, for people on small incomes, for senior citizens and single-person households. There is also a lot of focus on social interaction. And there is room for experimental homes and living concepts. Of course we will ensure that the district will be an attractive and safe environment. The urban processes and methods to make all this possible will be developed over the next few months.



Brainport Smart District is located just eight kilometres from Eindhoven and a stone’s throw from the Automotive Campus in Helmond. This means that we are a living lab also for the development of mobility in BSD. Are we going to opt for car sharing or just for electric vehicles? Will we even own a car anymore? Will there be mobile charging points in the district? Are residents going to jointly purchase transport services? Maybe we will become a testing ground for self-driving cars. How will all the products we order online be delivered to our homes? All these are questions that are dealt with under the theme of mobility.



We are seeing all kinds of new initiatives emerging all around us. Energy is now also firmly on the political agenda. Energy concepts as ‘energy self-sufficient homes’ and ‘disconnecting from the gas main’ are already being applied, at least in Helmond. In the new smart district we will take these concepts even further. Perhaps we can design an energy system to make the whole district self-sufficient. There are smart new technologies for hot water, smart solar panels, windows that generate energy, among many other possibilities that are and are becoming available. New innovative concepts are being investigated and brought together over the next few months.