Space for tomorrow's society

Tomorrow's society will be fundamentally different from yesterday's. The world is getting smaller due to the Internet of Things. Boundaries are being blurred, and there are different requirements for homes and life at home.
Brainport Smart District: a testing ground for tomorrow's society. This is where we are working on a neighbourhood that is smarter, better, more beautiful, safer, more sustainable and more socially aware. What does that look like? Who will be living there? What kind of homes will we build, how will we move around, how will we live together? In Brainport Smart District we are working this out and also building it. With Smart Mobility we aim to secure excellent accessibility, and with Food Technology we are striving for a healthy city.
We will accelerate our sustainability ambitions; homes that generate their own energy are not just an ambition here, they are a reality. One thousand new homes for diverse target groups: first-time buyers, expats from the Brainport region, older people wanting to move out of the city. Living together and smart sharing. In Brandevoort, Brainport Smart District all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. This is where future living is taking shape.

Brainport Smart District in Smart City Living Lab

Smart City Living Lab ( is a joint national initiative of seven cities, one of which Helmond, where Brainport Smart District is being developed. The collaboration initiative with the other cities was signed on 8 June 2017 on Scheveningen Pier, where councillor Paul Smeulders signed on behalf of the municipality of Helmond. Helmond and its Brainport Smart District will be joined by Breda, Dordrecht, Rijswijk, Veldhoven and Zoetermeer, and one more city yet to be named. In this way the cities can share knowledge with one another, learn from each other and use the solutions found more broadly. The national programme will for example make available to the participating cities sensor units to measure air quality and noise levels in the public space and an open data platform to collect and present measurements.